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A database of synthetic inelastic neutron scattering spectra from molecules and crystals

by Yongqiang Cheng, Matthew B Stone, Anibal J Ramirez Cuesta
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Scientific Data
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Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) is a powerful tool to study the vibrational dynamics in a material. The analysis and interpretation of the INS spectra, however, are often nontrivial. Unlike diffraction, for which one can quickly calculate the scattering pattern from the structure, the calculation of INS spectra from the structure involves multiple steps requiring significant experience and computational resources. To overcome this barrier, a database of INS spectra consisting of commonly seen materials will be a valuable reference, and it will also lay the foundation of advanced data-driven analysis and interpretation of INS spectra. Here we report such a database compiled for over 20,000 organic molecules and over 10,000 inorganic crystals. The INS spectra are obtained from a streamlined workflow, and the synthetic INS spectra are also verified by available experimental data. The database is expected to greatly facilitate INS data analysis, and it can also enable the utilization of advanced analytics such as data mining and machine learning.