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Coupled Lattice Boltzmann Modeling Framework for Pore-Scale Fluid Flow and Reactive Transport...

by Siyan Liu, Reza Barati, Chi Zhang, Mohammad Kazemi
Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Omega
Publication Date
Page Numbers
13649 to 13669

In this paper, we propose a modeling framework for pore-scale fluid flow and reactive transport based on a coupled lattice Boltzmann model (LBM). We develop a modeling interface to integrate the LBM modeling code parallel lattice Boltzmann solver and the PHREEQC reaction solver using multiple flow and reaction cell mapping schemes. The major advantage of the proposed workflow is the high modeling flexibility obtained by coupling the geochemical model with the LBM fluid flow model. Consequently, the model is capable of executing one or more complex reactions within desired cells while preserving the high data communication efficiency between the two codes. Meanwhile, the developed mapping mechanism enables the flow, diffusion, and reactions in complex pore-scale geometries. We validate the coupled code in a series of benchmark numerical experiments, including 2D single-phase Poiseuille flow and diffusion, 2D reactive transport with calcite dissolution, as well as surface complexation reactions. The simulation results show good agreement with analytical solutions, experimental data, and multiple other simulation codes. In addition, we design an AI-based optimization workflow and implement it on the surface complexation model to enable increased capacity of the coupled modeling framework. Compared to the manual tuning results proposed in the literature, our workflow demonstrates fast and reliable model optimization results without incorporating pre-existing domain knowledge.