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Continuous Test and Transition Infrastructure for Quantum Networking for Science Complex...

by Nageswara S Rao, Nicholas A Peters
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Conference Paper
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Conference website publicly available
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23 to 23
Conference Name
DOE ASCR Workshop on Future Scientific Methodologies
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Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
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We propose a network architecture with a separate quantum dataplane and a conventional control plane: (a) Quantum Data Plane: The Quantum Data plane consists of links of dark fibers connecting quantum switches and repeaters, which in turn, connect to quantum computers, memory and sensors. Since the current reach is limited to local areas, it will begin as a collection of site networks at laboratories, (b) Conventional Control Plane: The Control plane provides management access to quantum devices for configuration and provisioning via control nodes with firewall and encryption capabilities. Continuous Test and Transition Infrastructure: We propose an infrastructure with a control plane connecting multiple sites via encrypted tunnels over conventional networks consisting of the following: (a) Site Quantum Networks: Individual site networks supported by their fiber plants connect laboratories that house and connect to their quantum devices for testing and interoperability.(b) Site Control Planes: Sites are connected over individual control planes with control hosts with Software Defined Networking capabilities, which can be peered with other networks via ESnet.(c) Progressive Expansion: Initially, sites will develop individual data planes with their specific quantum devices and fiber connections, and mechanisms to interface with conventional networks. They progressively expand and interconnect, under a wide-area ecosystem of peered control planes for device testing, interoperability development and roll off into production environments.