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Conservative 3+1 General Relativistic Variable Eddington Tensor Radiation Transport Equations...

by Christian Y Cardall, Eirik Endeve, Anthony Mezzacappa
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Physical Review D
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We present conservative 3+1 general relativistic variable Eddington tensor radiation transport equations, including greater elaboration of the momentum space divergence (that is, the energy derivative term) than in previous work. These equations are intended for use in simulations involving numerical relativity, particularly in the absence of spherical symmetry. The independent variables are the lab frame coordinate basis spacetime position coordinates and the particle energy measured in the comoving frame. With an eye towards astrophysical applications—such as core-collapse supernovae and compact object mergers—in which the fluid includes nuclei and/or nuclear matter at finite temperature, and in which the transported particles are neutrinos, we pay special attention to the consistency of four-momentum and lepton number exchange between neutrinos and the fluid, showing the term-by-term cancellations that must occur for this consistency to be achieved.