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Chemical Preparation, Crystal Structure Reinvestigation and Vibrational Study of CoNa3P3O10.12H2O and X-ray Characterization ...

by Rachid Essehli, Saib Belaaouad
Publication Type
Journal Name
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
2586 to 2602

The triphosphate dodecahydrate of cobalt and sodium CoNa3P3O10.12H2O was prepared by the ion exchange resin process. Its structure was studied by X-ray diffraction and determined in the monoclinic space group P121/c1 with the unit-cell parameters a = 14.6650(5) Å, b=9.1916(3) Å, c = 15.0239(5) Å, β =90.2210(10) °, Z = 4 and V = 2025.13(12) Å3. The thermal dehydration of this compound was performed, leading to an anhydrous new form, CoNa3P3O10, which was characterized by X-ray diffraction. The obtained CoNa3P3O10 crystallized in monoclinic space group P21/n with the unit-cell parameters a=15,3774 Å, b=7,6988 A°, c=14,2832A°, β=92,9115°. The characteristic IR wavenumbers of the P3O105− ions observed in the vibrational spectra were calculated using isotopic substitutions, which confirms the existence of these groups in the studied compound. A comparison between the IR and Raman wavenumbers of CoNa3P3O10.12H2O, CoNa3P3O10 and Na5P3O10.12H2O was performed. A kinetic study was also made for CoNa3P3O10·12H2O.