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Broadband polarization-entangled source for C+L-band flex-grid quantum networks...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Optics Letters
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Page Numbers
6480 to 6483

The rising demand for transmission capacity in optical networks has motivated steady interest in expansion beyond the standard C-band (1530–1565 nm) into the adjacent L-band (1565–1625 nm) for an approximate doubling of capacity in a single stroke. However, in the context of quantum networking, the L-band has yet to be fully leveraged with the suite of advanced tools for characterization and management available from classical lightwave communications. In this work, we demonstrate an ultrabroadband two-photon source integrating both C- and L-band wavelength-selective switches for complete control of spectral routing and allocation across 7.5 THz in a single setup. Polarization state tomography of all 150 pairs of 25-GHz-wide channels reveals an average fidelity of 0.98 and total distillable entanglement greater than 181 kebits/s. This source is explicitly designed for flex-grid optical networks and can facilitate optimal utilization of entanglement resources across the full C+L-band.