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Biphoton spectral quantum interference for information processing and delay metrology

by Suparna Seshadri, Hsuan-hao Lu, Joseph M Lukens, Andrew Weiner
Publication Type
Conference Paper
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Proceedings of SPIE
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Publisher Location
Bellingham, Washington, United States of America
Conference Name
Photonics West
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San Francisco, California, United States of America
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Broadband time-energy entangled photons feature strong temporal correlations with potential for precision delay metrology, but previous work has leveraged only time-of-flight information ultimately limited by the detection jitter and resolution of the time-tagging electronics. Firstly, our work pushes the entanglement-based nonlocal delay metrology from the conventional time-of-flight measurement to a new direction—two-photon interferometry with subpicosecond sensitivity independent of detection resolution. Next, we show the selective sensitivity of frequency-bin encoded Bell states to the sum and difference of biphoton-delays by using a novel reconfigurable setup capable of switching between the Bell states by successively employing single and dual spectral-line pumps.