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Binder Jet-Metals...

by Amelia M Elliott, Peeyush Nandwana, Corson L Cramer, Amir Mostafaei, Markus Chmielus
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Book Chapter
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1 to 8
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Additive manufacturing is a type of material shaping technology that has many advantages over traditional manufacturing. Binder jet additive manufacturing uses a powder feedstock and an inkjet printhead to shape metal powders into preforms that are then processed in a furnace to reach full density. Because of the high throughput and low cost of the process, binder jetting is growing in popularity among manufacturers, but challenges with the process in terms of densification of the bound preforms still exist. This article will provide an overview of the binder jetting process, contrast binder jetting with the better-known powder bed fusion additive manufacturing technologies, review the metal alloys that have been printed with binder jet and then processed to full density, and provide a path forward for processing lightweight metal powders shaped by binder jetting to full density.