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Benchmark dataset of the effect of grain size on strength in the single-phase FCC CrCoNi medium entropy alloy...

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This data article presents the microstructural data as well as the mechanical properties of the CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy (MEA). The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled “Analysis of strengthening due to grain boundaries and annealing twin boundaries in the CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy”, see Ref. Schneider et al., 2019. This article can be referred to for the analysis and interpretation of the data, as well as their comparison to other datasets in literature. Microstructural data available in the present paper are backscattered electron micrographs for sixteen different grain sizes. Also available are pdf reports of grain size analysis (annealing twin boundaries were neglected) and crystallite sizes (including annealing twin boundaries) as well as data describing the number of annealing twin boundaries per grain (n), corresponding Taylor factors (M) and average annealing twin thicknesses (t). Additionally, raw data of stress-strain curves at five different temperatures [77 K, 293 K, 473 K, 673 K and 873 K] are given for all sixteen grain sizes, which may be used for further research, e.g. data mining, machine learning and other analytical methods. Mechanical data such as yield stresses (σ0.2%), Hall-Petch parameters (σ0 and ky) and critical boundary strengths (τc) are provided along with a 1D discrete dislocation dynamics (1-D DDD) simulation results concerning the different boundary strengths.