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Activation Analysis in Preparation for a Tungsten Irradiation Experiment at LANSCE

by Kristel L Ghoos, Tucker C Mcclanahan, Lukas Zavorka, Igor Remec
Publication Type
Journal Name
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Publication Date
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1 to 11

To organize the safe handling of activated material, knowing the residual dose rates is crucial. In this work, we present the pre-experiment activation analysis for an experiment in which tungsten blocks are irradiated by 800-MeV protons. In this analysis, we use the Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) code for radiation transport, Attila4MC for unstructured mesh generation, and Activation in Accelerator Radiation Environments (AARE), including CINDER2008, for activation analysis. If the tungsten blocks must be removed within a day after the experiment, then exposure to personnel entering the room must be reduced. One exposure-reduction strategy is to add carbon steel shielding around the tungsten blocks, efficiently reducing the dose from the activated tungsten. However, the shielding becomes activated itself during irradiation: 56Mn is the dominant contributor for short decay times. The actual schedule at the time of the experiment allowed sufficient cool-off time for the tungsten in the room so that additional shielding was not necessary. A less rigorous comparison of the calculated values with the post-experiment measurements showed reasonable agreement.