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Software Deployment at the Facilities

Description: The deployment and integration of ECP software, vendor-provided software, and facility-based software environments to establish supported software stacks that meet application needs and provide for optimized facility operation.

The overarching goal of the Software Deployment (SD) effort is to deploy and integrate an exascale software stack and to deploy a software integration and testing capability at Facilities to support continuous integration with site environments, including container technologies and software development kits (SDKs). This can only be done through close partnerships with the DOE HPC Facilities, Application Development (AD) and Software Technology (ST) projects, and vendors, with all parties sharing a common vision for an exascale software ecosystem. This project has the following major deliverables:

  • deploy and operate a continuous (automated) integration and testing capability,
  • develop and implement a software deployment and integration pipeline using SDKs, Spack, and a build infrastructure,
  • characterize and understand Facility software environments, and
  • develop a map of ECP applications and software products to Facility sites.

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