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Automation for Grid Interconnected-Laboratory Emulation (AGILE)

Project Details

Principal Investigator

The proposed project will research upon the challenge of emulating and automating the emulation of the real-world energy system and power grid at the Grid Research Integration and Deployment Center (GRID-C) laboratories. The emulation will include scalable power grid dynamic simulation in real-time edge computing resource(s), small portion of the power grid represented in laboratories through digital twinning resources (and control nodes), and secure stable low latency data exchange between these resources. The automation will include mapping of real-world energy system and power grid to scalable power grid dynamic simulation and partitioning in different GRID-C laboratories.

In the recent years, equipment like energy storage system (ESS), photovoltaic (PV) generation systems, inverters, fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers, electrical loads, transformers, among others, have been introduced in different GRID-C laboratories. Individual components like ESS or PV system or EV chargers have been researched upon as a stand-alone system, without considering the interactions between multiple next-generation technology and/or power grid interactions. The latter is important to de-risk transfer of knowledge and technology to field. Developing the emulation of real-world energy system and power grid through this project will advance the capabilities at GRID-C and will be an enabler for it to become a one-of-its-kind self-driven automated smart laboratory in future, an important goal of interconnected science ecosystem (INTERSECT) lab call. It would also be an enabler for standardizing INTERSECT architectures.




R&D Staff
Suman Debnath