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ORNL Awards Night winners announced

Herb Mook is the recipient of the 2001 Director's Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Mook received the laboratory's most prestigious scientific award at UT-Battelle's annual Awards Night ceremony.

Mook was nominated for his cutting-edge research in the field of neutron scattering physics. During his three decades in Oak Ridge, Mook has become recognized among the nation's leaders in materials research such as magnetic interactions, quantum fluids, and superconductors.

Friday night's awards ceremony recognized team and individual winners in 22 categories of scientific research, laboratory operations, and community service. Four individual Director's Awards were selected from among the winners in the respective categories.

The Director's Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment was presented to Gene Barker, Debra Carpenter, Kay Houser, Kristen Kerber, Darla Miller and Sarah Shinpock of ORNL and Melissa Beckman and Irene Prinn of the University of Tennessee.

They were honored for rallying in a crisis to solve a variety of problems in record time and provide the technical expertise to support a $12.7 million funding opportunity from the NIH for ORNL and the Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium. They also received a Science and Technology Award for Technical Support by a team.

The Director's Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Community Service was presented to Tim Myrick of the Facilities Revitalization Project.

This award was for his exemplary financial and personal commitment to Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County, Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties and Team UT-Battelle.

Myrick also earned the Community Service Award for Community Volunteerism for Individual Contributions Outside ORNL.

The Director's Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations was presented to Ron A. Crone of the Research Reactors Division for his innovations and development of an exceptional maintenance and operations program and process in his division.

Crone also earned the Laboratory Operations Award for Administrative and Operational Leadership by a Front-Line Manager.

In the category of Community Service, Teresa Ferguson of the Energy Division earned the award for Community Volunteerism for Individual Contributions Inside ORNL for her outstanding contributions to promoting values and diversity within the ORNL community.

The award for Community Volunteerism by a Team Inside ORNL was presented to Roger Jones, Lonna Cotter, Kahra G. Gilley, Nancy E. Holcombe, C. Renae Humphrey, Greg Irby, Deborah Jenkins, Timothy K. Jones, Keith S. Joy, Beverly S. Mathis, Betsy A. Riley, Patricia Scofield, Janie Sharp, Diana L. Tucker, Ron Walli and Lora M. Wolfe.

They were recognized for their leadership in serving as team captains in support of activities to raise awareness and money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Claudia A. Walls of the Metals and Ceramics Division earned the Good Samaritan Award for serving as a child advocate in her community and as an advocate for the rights of the disabled through the East Tennessee Regional Human Rights Committee.

The award for Community Volunteerism for Team Contributions Outside ORNL went to Brenda Hackworth, Keiji Asano, Gary L. Bell, Jeffrey E. Christian, Larry DeLoach, Roberta S. Grafton, Van B. Graves, James M. Hackworth Jr., Bryan C. Hathorn, Joe Horton, Rebecca B. Kendall, Deborah W. Knox, Anthony R. Medley, Dan O'Connor, Harry Quarles, Jim Rivers, Cyrus M. Smith, Becky J. Verastegui and Mary Beth Watt.

They were honored for expertly coordinating ORNL staff in an extremely ambitious initiative to build a Habitat for Humanity house and, in the process, helping to launch Team UT-Battelle.

Ellen D. Smith of the Environmental Sciences Division earned the Community Leadership Award for sustained commitment and leadership to the city of Oak Ridge in addressing important environmental issues, including legacy contamination, geologic hazards in limestone areas, and greenways.

Arpad A. Vass of the Life Sciences Division earned the Science Communicator Award for important contributions of his time and effort to demonstrate the relevance of his research in the area of forensics, especially the Time-Since-Death Project, to a worldwide public through magazines, newspapers and news production companies.

In the category of Laboratory Operations, Brenda W. Campbell of the Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division earned an Administrative Support Award for outstanding support of the Organizational Review Task Force committee's two models of ORNL's organizational structure.

Donna L. Moates of the Chemical Technology Division also received an Administrative Award for sustained contributions to the Chemical Technology Division's Finance Office.

Jeff A. Patty and Jack Crawford of the Plant and Equipment Division earned honors in the Bargaining Unit Support category for excellence in millwright support and ALARA work practices at the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center.

An Operations Support by a Team Award was presented to Tim Myrick, Jon Bartlett, George Clark, Keith J. Dempsey, Tom Etheridge, Mahendra Lakumb, Steven L. Laman, Anthony R. Medley, Carlo D. Melbihess, Dell Morgan, Melessa W. Ogan, Nicole E. Porter, Crystal A. Schrof and David D. Skipper.

They were honored for transforming the UT-Battelle Leadership Team's ORNL modernization vision into a DOE-approved master plan that is now being executed on a scale and accelerated schedule that is the envy of the rest of the DOE complex.

Sandra B. Kennedy of the Physics Division earned the Environment, Safety, Health and Quality Award for promoting environment, safety, health and quality excellence in the Physics Division and at ORNL.

Kathy Rosenbalm of the Spallation Neutron Source Project Office earned the Secretarial Support Award for unparalleled administrative competence, strong leadership and an unfailing cheerful attitude in her role as the Spallation Neutron Source Project's Executive Secretary.

Suzanne A. Herron of the Spallation Neutron Source Project Office earned the award for Administrative and Operational Leadership by a Middle Manager. This was for her outstanding leadership in developing and managing an effective project controls organization in the Spallation Neutron Source Project.

In the Science and Technology category, Douglas H. Lowndes of the Solid State Division earned an award for R&D Leadership by a Front Line Manager for his innovative leadership in the development of nanoscale science research and capabilities at ORNL.

Stephen G. Hildebrand of the Environmental Sciences Division earned an award for R&D Leadership by a Middle Manager for his exemplary leadership of the Environmental Sciences Division in establishing new scientific endeavors and excellence in operations, including ESH&Q, work force diversity and fiscal growth.

Warren Everett Dixon of the Robotics and Process Systems Division earned an Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment for innovative advancements in the application of energy-based analysis for stabilizing nonlinear engineering systems and exceptional early career achievements in robotics research and engineering.

The award for Engineering Development by a Team was presented to Jim Hardy, Philip R. Bingham, Matt Chidley, Timothy F. Gee, James S. Goddard, Gregory R. Hanson, Kathy W. Hylton, Karen Moore, Jeffery R. Price, Chuck R. Schaich, Kenneth W. Tobin, John C. Turner, Edgar Voelkl and G. R. Wetherington Jr. of ORNL and C. E. Thomas of nLine Corporation.

This award was for overcoming significant challenges in a very short time to produce the first-of-a-kind Direct-to-Digital Holographic prototype wafer defect detection system.

Kenneth W. Tobin of the Instrumentation and Controls Division earned the Distinguished Engineer Award for establishing an internationally recognized program in computer vision technologies applied to industrial inspection, semiconductor metrology and yield management.

Jizhong Zhou of the Environmental Sciences Division earned the Early Career Award for Scientific Accomplishment for his innovative scientific leadership in microbial ecology and pioneering efforts in applications of genomic/molecular technologies to environmental studies.

The award for Scientific Research by a Team was presented to Steven Paul Hirshman, David Alban, Donald B. Batchelor, Lee A. Berry, M. J. Cole, Amanda J. Deisher, G. Y. Fu, James F. Lyon, William H. Miner, Peter K. Mioduszewski, Donald A. Monticello, Bradley E. Nelson, David A. Rasmussen, Raul Sanchez, Donald A. Spong, Dennis J. Strickler, Prashant M. Valanju, Andrew S. Ware and David E. Williamson.

They were honored for research on the physics of plasma confinement in three-dimensional systems, leading to the development of the Quasi-Poloidally Symmetric Stellarator concept.

ORNL is a multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy.