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Hu Miao named outstanding referee of physics journals

Hu Miao, award-winning referee.
Hu Miao of Oak Ridge National Laboratory was recognized by the American Physical Society as an Outstanding Referee. Credit: Alonda Hines/ORNL, U.S. Dept of Energy

Hu Miao, a researcher at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been selected as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society in recognition of his exceptional service in assessing manuscripts for publication in the society’s journals. In 2024 APS recognized 156 recipients worldwide for the quality, quantity and timeliness of their reports from the society’s approximately 88,600 active referees.

Miao is an experiential condensed matter physicist in ORNL’s Materials Science and Technology Division who studies correlated and topological quantum materials using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray scattering. His interests include superconductivity, quantum magnetism and topological materials. 

Miao started at ORNL in 2019 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. In 2015, he completed his doctorate at the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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