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Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning

Developing innovative solutions for better measurements in national security, mobility, environmental and biological research

The Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning (ISML) group develops image and signal-based measurement systems, application-specific algorithms, and high-performance machine learning solutions to extract knowledge from measurements for national security, manufacturing, mobility, and environmental and biological research. The ISML staff has expertise in imaging system development and identity science algorithms and systems, including the use of model-based iterative reconstruction to produce clear images with less data using advanced algorithms, combined with non-destructive techniques such as ultrasonic linear arrays and x-rays. These new technologies are essential in the evaluation of critical energy systems and to improve geothermal systems and fossil energy extraction, and for producing qualifiable parts during the additive manufacturing process. ISML researchers are also developing pattern recognition and machine learning techniques that are increasingly vital in a wide variety of settings including biomedical research, identity science, mobility research, and national security.