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Energy Storage and Membrane Materials

This group investigates the fundamental properties of electrochemically and catalytically active materials, as well as their fabrication into functional and practical systems. Many studies lead to laboratory prototypes for electrical energy storage, catalytic reactors and separation systems. Other programs seek a basic understanding of atomic level mechanisms, materials stability, and interfaces. 

Key Research Areas

  • Materials for rechargeable Li and Na batteries 
  • Catalytic mechanisms of nanoparticles and clusters  
  • Inorganic and organic membranes for solid electrolytes and porous filters
  • Physical vapor deposition of thin film and nanoparticle materials

Key Facilities and Expertise

  • Electrochemical and battery cycling
  • Synthesis and characterization of air sensitive materials
  • Vacuum film deposition by sputtering, evaporation, chemical vapor deposition


Corporate Fellow and Group Leader
Nancy J Dudney