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Electric Energy Systems Integration Group - Home

Provide solutions for real world energy integration problems through multi-disciplinary power electronics research

The Electric Energy Systems Integration (EESI) Group provides science and technology solutions for the integration of devices and systems into electrical energy infrastructure ecosystems, with a focus on advanced, multi-disciplinary power electronics research. The EESI Group’s work spans applications in several areas, including:


Novel inverters for energy control systems to harness the load balancing potential of smart appliances within homes and commercial buildings; electronics to safely integrate microgrids and associated energy storage into the larger grid network.


Supporting efficient, safe breakthroughs such as the integration of extreme fast charging into the nation’s electrical grid infrastructure.


Modeling and development of medium- and high-voltage converters for reliable, long-distance transmission of electricity; development of compact, low-cost inverters for efficient integration of renewable power sources into the grid network; and power electronics to support dynamically networked microgrids.


National security 

Energy systems integration for national defense using advanced power electronics technologies.