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The Accelerator Systems and Stable Isotopes Group is responsible for producing a range of stable isotopes critical for work in basic and applied research. This effort is supported by the Isotope Development & Production for Research and Applications (IDPRA) program within the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics. Group members are currently focused on accelerator production of isotopes, exploring alternative pathways for isotope production, advanced fabrication and processing techniques, and understanding the properties of important radioisotopes. Our numerous capabilities include hot cells, electroplating, thin films, arc-melting, chemical processing, and sample characterization. Production of high-purity radioisotopes is also available. Recent successes include work on the theragnostic isotope Ac-225 and on Ru-96.


R&D on the production of Ac-225 and other alpha emitters is one of the future core efforts of the Group. Others include R&D for accelerator-based stable isotope production, and target development for super-heavy element production at the JINR in Dubna. Another effort will be a scaling up of our efforts to produce significant quantities of enriched Ru-96.