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Advanced Machining and Machine Tools Research

Creating new machine tools and developing new manufacturing techniques for machining processes using conventional and hybrid processes 

The Advanced Machining & Machine Tools Research group focuses on creating, developing, and deploying technologies for all kinds of machine tools. The group improves performance of existing machine tools, designs and builds new machine tools, and expands the application space for hybrid machines. Research in machine tools pushes the boundaries in machine dynamics, machine and process design, control, precision, and hybrid manufacturing.

ORNL’s research in improving machining performance includes creating low cost high-performance sensors; creating, developing, and deploying simple, intuitive tools built on machine science to improve machine performance and utilization; and creating data analytics tools to aggregate experimental data. The design and creation of new machine tools includes machines with unprecedented precision, machines with novel materials and geometries, small machines making big parts, and hybrid machines that include both additive and subtractive capabilities.