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Facility and Systems Security

The Facility and Systems Security Group focuses on assessing and mitigating vulnerabilities in critical assets around the world. These assets include nuclear material, radiological material, and chemicals that are ingredients for destructive weapons. Our mission is to reduce threats to these materials through both short-term upgrades and long-term program implementation.


The Facility and Systems Security Group’s capabilities include

  • extensive field work at locations around the world
  • the ability to go beyond the installation of protection, accounting, and detection technologies—we build programmatic capability to continuously monitor and mitigate threats
  • programmatic vulnerability analysis by using tools that integrate disparate information sources with ORNL expertise to provide solutions not readily apparent
  • holders of the “Programmatic Template” for long-term system sustainability, which includes the capability to perform analyses at the program level and suggest implementation plans that provide for long-term sustainment of protection levels
  • knowledge and experience for the development of training and support centers that includes a true turnkey solution from site preparation, construction, staffing, and operational readiness of these facilities
  • recognized expertise in transportation security, including development and deployment of vehicles, along with tracking technologies and training for comprehensive transportation security solutions
  • lecturers and trainers in vulnerability assessment and comprehensive integrated security, including internationally recognized expertise in transport security training
  • Transportation Security Technology Test Bed, with capabilities for testing, demonstrating, and training potential users on the operation of security technologies
  • management of programs for evaluation of human factors affecting security, including human reliability, insider threat, and security culture
  • continuing support for international travel coordination and logistics through a group of dedicated logistics and travel coordinators with vast experience in travel across the globe
  • the ability to develop and deploy security system technologies that provide both “rapid-upgrade” and long-term solutions for customer needs, including strategies for sustainability of security systems
  • working with the Department of Energy’s Network of Analytical Laboratories that supports the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards

Our teams effectively support existing and emerging customers and align with various group functions and strengths.