Scattering and Thermophysics


Giant electromechanical coupling of relaxor ferroelectrics controlled by polar nanoregion vibrations

Relaxor-based ferroelectrics are prized for their giant electromechanical coupling and have revolutionized sensor and ultrasound applications. A long-standing challenge for piezoelectric materials...

Orbitally driven giant phonon anharmonicity in SnSe

Understanding elementary excitations and their couplings in condensed matter systems is critical for developing better energy-conversion devices. In thermoelectric materials, the heat-to-electricity...


The diffraction portion of the Group utilizes laboratory x-ray, synchrotron x-ray, and neutron diffraction facilties to solve problems from phase stability to residual stress and texture. The thermography and thermophysical properties of the Group has exceptional capabilities to characterize thermal properties for numerous industrial and research needs.

The thermophysical properties effort has developed several unique instruments for thermal transport determination and thermal imaging studies.