Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

The Renewable Energy Systems group conducts research, development and analysis in bioenergy and water power systems highlighting viable resource supply, environmental, and socioeconomic sustainability.


hydro turbine


Has pellet production affected SE US forests?

Wood pellet export volumes from the Southeastern United States (SE US) to Europe have been growing since 2009, leading to concerns about potential environmental effects. Biomass pellets are intended...

The role of bioenergy in a climate -changing world

Bioenergy has been under intense scrutiny over the last ten years with significant research efforts in many countries taking place to define and measure sustainable practices. We describe here the...

Quantifying the climate effects of bioenergy - Choice of reference system

In order to understand the climate effects of a bioenergy system, a comparison between the bioenergy system and a reference system is required. The reference system describes the situation that...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The group generates foundational data, conducts scientific analyses, and develops models and tools that inform policymakers and stakeholders in the bioenergy and hydropower industries. Research focus areas include sustainability metrics, geospatial mapping of current and potential bioenergy and hydropower resources across the country, and development of early stage technologies to advance production of renewable energy.


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