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Source Terms for Advanced Reactor Spent Fuel Applications

In this training course, participants learn how to generate the core nuclide inventory for several advanced reactor configurations, and how to analyze and post-process these data for use as input in other computational tools.

Participants learned: how to use SCALE‚Äôs TRITON reactor physics sequence to generate core inventory data in the form of ORIGEN nuclide concentration files (f71); how to perform decay calculations of the determined inventory with ORIGEN; how to interrogate the f71 files with the OBIWAN utility to ensure a thorough understanding of the available cases, the data at each position, and the applied normalizations. The TRITON portion of this training focused on the TRITON 3D sequence with the KENO-VI and Shift Monte Carlo neutron transport codes. The data post-processing included the generation of an easy-to-use inventory interface file (II.JSON) and relevant examples for further post-processing. This training course provided best practices for generating f71 files and teach multiple approaches to interrogate and modify the output.

The training will be presented using SCALE 6.3.1. Previous experience with TRITON or ORIGEN is required.