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BioHome 3D sits on the campus of UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center and is made from bioderived materials that were developed in collaboration with ORNL researchers. Credit: UMaine

The Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Alliance for Renewable Technologies (SM2ART) is a public-private partnership creating an infrastructure-scale factory of the future where sustainable manufacturing thrives through the innovative use of bio-based materials and products. 


Established in 2016, SM2ART has seamlessly integrated the expansive advanced manufacturing capabilities of Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the specialized expertise in bio-based composites from the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Evolving from this collaborative foundation, SM2ART has forged more than 50 industry partnerships across the country.

SM2ART is supported by DOE’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office and has the following goals:

  1. Developing platform technologies for functionalized, bio-based composites that are optimized for advanced manufacturing.
  2. Transforming and expanding existing bio-materials supply chains to enable low-cost materials. 
  3. Expanding on a strong culture of industrial collaboration to leverage leading world-class research and deployment institutions and spin off next-gen technologies.
  4. Demonstrating and scaling-up sustainable materials and net-zero manufacturing.
  5. Leveraging workforce development programs to build next-generation leaders through experiential learning and entrepreneurial training programs. 

SM2ART works alongside industry to increase adoption of these new bio-based feedstocks, reinvigorate the nation’s forestry industry with new jobs, and cost-effectively decarbonize manufacturing. The SM2ART team’s work aligns with the U.S. DOE Affordable Home Energy Shot that aims to decarbonize and reduce energy bills of the nation’s residential buildings by 20 percent within a decade. 

Connect with SM2ART’s technical collaboration coordinators: 

Dan Coughlin (ORNL) or Greg Simms (UMaine).



BioHome 3D team wins CAMX Combined Strength Award

In 2023, the SM2ART team won the CAMX Combined Strength award and the SME Aubin AM Case Study award for the BioHome3D project, the nation’s first 3D printed home made entirely from biobased materials.