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SEM with Cathodoluminescence

CNMS is installing an ultrafast SEM cathodoluminescence microscope in the spring of 2020. The initial installation will include temperature, wavelength, polarization, position, angle, and time-resolved cathodoluminescence microscopy.  Laser annealing, electron-beam patterning and electron-beam induced deposition with Au precursors will be used for in situ material processing. Single photon detection with collocated superconducting nanowire detectors will enable spatially resolved photon bunching and antibunching measurements. In the summer of 2020, ultrafast beam-blanking for time-resolved CL will be augmented by femtosecond laser pumping of the electron gun for sub-ps time-resolved spectroscopies.


  • Landing energy tunable 20V-30keV with beam deceleration mode
  • 0.8 nm spatial resolution at 30keV with STEM detector
  • Parabolic mirror with numerical aperture of 0.97 for CL collection
  • 30-70 ps timing resolution with ultrafast beam blanking.
  • Sub-ps timing resolution with fs-laser driven FEG
  • Time- and energy-resolved correlative CL and PL for fast electronic dynamics
  • Laser/electron pump probe spectroscopy for ultrafast dynamics
  • Temperature >8K
  • In situ electron beam patterning
  • In situ laser annealing
  • In situ electron beam induced deposition with Au precursor
  • Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors for quantum emitter characterization optimized for 400-1000 nm
  • Spectrometer optimized for 350-1000 nm
  • PMT optimized for 185-870 nm