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SCALE Modeling and Simulation for Nuclide Inventory and Decay Heat in LWR Spent Nuclear Fuel

This is a hands-on training course that will provide instruction on best practices for modeling and simulations with SCALE of nuclide inventories and decay heat in LWR spent nuclear fuel. The course will summarize the underlying modules and sequences in SCALE that enable these types of simulations, including ORIGEN, ORIGAMI, Polaris, and TRITON. SCALE’s graphical user interface, Fulcrum, designed to create, edit, validate, and visualize SCALE input, output, and data files, will be used throughout the course.

Participants will learn how to apply different approaches for nuclide inventory and decay heat calculations for representative LWR fuel assemblies. That will include: how to generate ORIGEN reactor libraries with TRITON or Polaris, how to perform rapid depletion and decay calculations with ORIGAMI for LWR fuel assemblies with assembly average or axially-varying burnup, how to perform ORIGEN decay simulations over a cooling time of interest. Participants will also learn how to use the Sampler uncertainty quantification tool in SCALE to estimate uncertainties in calculated nuclide inventories and decay heat that are due to uncertainties in input modeling data (geometry, materials, operating parameters).

No prior knowledge of SCALE is required.