ORNL Review v22n1 1989.pdf

ORNL Review v22n1

State of the Laboratory 1978-88


  • Awards and Appointments
  • Books. Strategic Defense and Arms Control (eds. Alvin Weinberg, Jack Barkenbus) reviewed by David J. Bjornstad of the Energy Division; new books by ORNL authors and editors
  • R&D Updates. High Flux Isotope Reactor restarted again; off-site wells being sampled; ORNL involved in "cold fusion" experiments
  • Take a Number
  • Technical Highlights. ORNL designs Smart House system; ORNL home energy audit tested in two states; new devices for detecting radioactivity and destroying chemical toxins in groundwater
  • User Facilities. Coordinator' s office established to simplify user access
  • Educational Activities. University and Educational Programs discussed by new manager
  • Technology Transfer. Bee detector licensed, ORNL technology used by Commerce Park tenant, ORNL-industry agreements in materials research