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Maskless Laser Writer

FHN Maskless Laser Writer
Raith Picomaster 100

The table-top Raith Picomaster 100 maskless laser writer is UV-based and supports wafers up to 100 mm x 100 mm within a glovebox environment. It is turn-key, user-friendly, and provides a high degree of freedom to create microstructures as small as 300 nm in photosensitive layers. 


  • Single focused beam (405 nm GaN laser diode) writing strategy – raster and vector mode
  • Resolution down to 0.3 um
  • 0.3 um to 5 um spot size
  • 4096-level grayscale lithography
  • 600 um autofocus range
  • Up to 100 mm x 100 mm exposable area
  • Stitch-free exposure
  • 2 nm encoder resolution with 20 nm RMS repeatability
  • GDSII, BMP, TIFF, STL, DXF, CIF, and GBR supported file types