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Fully Motorized 2D Transfer System

FHN 2D Transfer system

The production of layered structures in 2D materials research is important as the layers in these structures can be stacked in a wide variety of alignments and orientations with each configuration potentially having interesting functionalities. The transfer system is designed to accurately place a “stamp” on a substrate, which can be moved relative to each other not only in the x-, y- and z-directions but also by tilting and rotation. This allows for the highest degree of freedom in the alignment of 2D crystal flakes when fabricating heterostructures and twisted layered structures.

Apart from loading the sample and mask, performing a transfer with this system is completely software controlled, making it ideal for use inside a glovebox. The software guides one through all steps in an intuitive manner, offering features such as image saving, sample position storage, and automatic focusing. All relevant actions and conditions are monitored in real time and can be adjusted with the keyboard or with a handheld controller. This system is equipped with a dark field / bright field microscope that supports an extra camera for wide-angle field of view.

Specifications/Capabilities Extras


  • Room temperature to 200°C with 0.1 °C resolution
  • 1°C/min to 1°C/s temperature rate
  • 50 mm sample movement range, 0.001° rotation resolution, 40 nm z resolution
  • Up to 6 objectives with DF/BF modes
  • Software-based imaging and control, system fully computer-controlled
  • Degrees of freedom:
    • XYZ mask, XYZ sample
    • XY sample and mask collectively
    • Tilt mask in xz or yz plane
    • Sample holder rotation
    • Focus, Sample load/unload