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Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

FHN fs pump probe setup in J-147

Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy is used to characterize ultra-fast carrier dynamics in emerging two-dimensional (2D) and other materials. This system uses femtosecond pump and white-light continuum probe to study pathways and dynamics of electronic excitations for accelerating the development of new artificially structured functional materials for electronic and optoelectronic applications.


Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy is a powerful approach to understand fundamental exciton dynamics in 2D materials. It can be used to explore ultrafast charge transfer and hybrid exciton formation in 2D heterostructures, which is required for many applications including photovoltaics, photocatalysis, and photodetection.


Tunable pump, white light continuum probe

  • 45 fs temporal, milli-OD absorbance sensitivity
  • Ti:Sapphire Amplifier, 800 nm, 2.5 mJ/pulse, 1kHz repetition rate (oscillator – Micra, amplifier – Legend-Evolution, Coherent)
  • OPA ( OPerA, Coherent) with tunability 0.3-2.6 microns
  • White-light continuum (WLC) is generated in a sapphire window and ­covers the spectral range from 450 nm to 900 nm
  • 2D crystals and heterostructures
  • Spot sizes ~5 microns

Reflectance microscopy 


Low temperature measurements