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FEI Titan Aberration Corrected STEM

FEI Titan


The FEI Titan is a high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscope with a CS corrector on the probe forming lens that enable sub-Å resolution imaging and analysis of materials across a range of length scales. For chemical analysis and electronic structure determination, the Titan is equipped with a Gatan Quantum GIF for electron energy loss spectroscopy and energy filtered TEM measurements. A variety of specialized in situ TEM holders are available for in situ/operando experimentation in challenging environments (liquid and gas), and under a range of external stimuli (e.g. temperature and electrical bias). Dynamic materials response can be capture in STEM imaging mode using BF/STEM detectors or through high-frame-rate TEM imaging using the Gatan OneView camera. Data acquisition and dose measurement is synchronized with experimental testing parameters using the Protochips Axon system.


The diverse, multi-modal FEI Titan S/TEM is used to study a range of materials such as catalysts, batteries, oxides, ceramics, and metals. Through the use of specialized holders and software the Titan is capable of conducting in situ studies on reactions within these materials while synchronizing the applied stimuli with image acquisition allowing for a complete picture of the nanoscale transformations taking place.



  • CEOS DCOR Cs-Corrector for STEM
  • X-FEG High Brightness Schottky Field Emission Gun
  • Operating Voltages: 60 and 300kV
  • S-Twin Objective Lens
  • STEM Resolution at 300kV  


  • Fischione HAADF STEM Detector
  • Gatan BF and ADF STEM Detector
  • Gatan OneView Camera CMOS Camera
  • Gatan STEMx System for 4D-STEM experiments 

Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

  • Gatan Quantum GIF Model 963
  • Dual EELS and EFTEM

Specialized Software

  • Protochips Axon 
  • Protochips Axon Dose

Specialized Holders

  • Protochips Atmosphere AX: In situ Gas Cell
  • Protochips Poseidon AX: Liquid and Electrochemical Liquid Cell
  • Protochips Fusion AX: Double Tilt Heating and Electrical Biasing 
  • Nanofactory in situ AFM/STM Electrical Biasing Holders
  • Fischione Tomography Holder
  • Gatan Double-tilt Cooling Holder