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Electrochemical (AC and DC) and Optical Characterization Measurement System

FHN Impedance instruments

The system combines subsystems by Zahner and Biologic to enable broad range of material testing including electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, battery research, corrosion, nanotechnology, 2D devices, photovoltaics, light emitting diodes, polymers, ionic liquids, proteins, enzymes, sensors. 



Intensity modulated photocurrent/photovoltage spectroscopy is a dynamic LED-based system during the photoelectrochemical or photovoltaic measurements. Fast light sources enable dynamic photoelectrochemical measurements like IMPS/IMVS. The robust control of light intensity allows accurate IMPS/IMVS measurements, giving the system its iconic name "controlled intensity-modulated photo spectroscopy (CIMPS)".

  • High impedance probe
  • Very low impedances or very low capacitance measurements
  • Corrosion cells
  • Liquid field effect transistor
  • E-QCM electrochemical quartz microcrystal (electroplating/corrosion, interface rheology)
  • Multi color Intensity modulated photocurrent/photovoltage, frequency <100kHz
  • Controlled gas, humidity environment
  • T control (LN- 600C) 
  • Frequency range 1uHz- 9MHz