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Cryo-Optical Spectroscopies

Cryo Raman

Cryo-optical microscopies, including photoluminescence and Raman microscopies, photon-correlation-functions, optically detected magnetic resonance, Rabi, T1, and T2 measurements, are used to probe temperature dependent properties of materials and quantum photonic systems.


This microscope is regularly used for applications spanning temperature and polarization dependent Raman microscopy, photon antibunching measurements, and spin-based quantum sensing.


  • Cryogen-free operation at temperatures of 3.5-350K in Montana S100 Cryostation
  • Agile-temperature sample mount provides rapid sample temperature sweep while maintaining base temperature in cryostat 
  • Dual 100x (0.85 NA and 0.75 NA) objective configuration for multiple laser excitation or transmission spectroscopies 
  • Dual fiber micro positioners orthogonal to free-space access for fiber-optic access to sample  
  • Tunable CW excitation at 405 nm, 532 nm, 450-650nm, and 900-1300nm 
  • Microwave excitation available for ODMR and spin coherence measurements 
  • Quantum Opus SNSPDs with 30-micron active area for single photon detection at wavelengths of 400-1000nm 
  • 5x5x5mm sample travel 
  • Solid-state magnet for <0.3T operation