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Controlled Atmosphere Glovebox Facility for 2D Materials Transfer, Device Fabrication and Testing

Controlled atmosphere glove box system for 2D device layup

A controlled atmosphere glovebox facility for fabricating, assembling, and characterizing air-sensitive 2D quantum materials and heterostructures is under expansion to incorporate new probe station testing and electrode deposition facilities to facilitate making and testing electronic devices, including transistors, photodetectors, and memristors all within an inert atmosphere.


A six glovebox system is under development as shown at right (items described separately elsewhere).

  • Glovebox 1 – AFM-based metrology and exfoliation
  • Glovebox 2 – HQ Graphene fully motorized 2D transfer system and Oxford Alpha300 Apyron confocal Raman imaging microscope allows users to exfoliate, transfer, and characterize air sensitive 2D materials to precisely make moiré bilayers and heterostructures.
  • Glovebox 3 – Raith Picomaster 100 Maskless Laser Writer, resolution of 1 μm with a 20 nm registry, optical auto-focus for writing patterns on 2D materials.
  • Glovebox 4 – “Wet” processing environment integrated with a spincoater (Specialty Coating Systems Model SCS G3) and vacuum oven which allows spin-coating the photoresist, lift off, and wet-transferring CVD grown 2D materials.
  • Glovebox 5 – Angstrom engineering Amod electron beam / thermal evaporator equipped with two thermal sources and four pocket electron beam sources has integrated into the fifth glovebox for physical vapor deposition of metals to pattern the electrodes for fabricating devices.
  • Glovebox 6 – manual probe station, Janis cryostat with chip carrier, and TPT HB 100 wire bonder for the electrical characterization of the fabricated electronic devices.


Fabrication of 2D materials, heterostructures, twisted 2D quantum materials (twistronics), 2D electronic devices and quantum devices