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Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope in Glovebox

FHN Raman Microscope in Glovebox
Alpha300 Apyron

The Oxford alph300 Apyron confocal Raman imaging microscope is extensively automated to simplify operation, require less human intervention, reduce sources of error, enhance reproducibility, and allow for complete remote control within a glovebox environment. 


  • Preconfigured calibration routines
  • Motorized 6 position objective turret with offset compensation
  • Motorized illuminator, laser coupler, calibration source, Kohler illumination apertures, polarization modules
  • Automatic signal and resolution optimization and spectrometer selection
  • Automatic laser power setting and determination
  • Automatic sample positioning and focus stabilization
  • Wizards based processing of Raman spectra
  • Automatic location of sample components in an image and individual spectra differentiation
  • Software-based identification via comparing measured spectra with existing databases
  • Lateral resolution < 300 nm (typically at 532 nm excitation)
  • Depth resolution < 900 nm (typically at 532 nm excitation)
  • Spectral resolution down to 0.1 cm-1 relative wavenumbers (at 633 nm excitation)
  • Ultra-fast Raman imaging (acquisition speed < 1 ms per spectrum)