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Why Science?

ORNL is proud of its role in fostering the next generation of scientists and engineers. We bring in talented young researchers, team them with accomplished scientists and engineers, and put them to work at the lab’s one-of-a-kind facilities. The result is research that makes us proud and prepares them for distinguished careers.

We asked some of these young researchers why they chose a career in science, what they are working on at ORNL, and where they would like to go with their careers.

Oluwaseun Ogunro

Postdoc, Computational Science and Engineering Division
Ph.D., Chemistry, New Mexico Tech
Hometown: Oka-Akoko, Nigeria

What are you working on at ORNL?

I’m developing the International Ocean Model Benchmarking tool and evaluating marine biogeochemical processes in Earth system models (ESMs). This tool helps to identify areas of uncertainty in ESMs and enables the modeling community to make informed decisions on uncertainty reduction that could improve future model development.

What would you like to do in your career?

My desire is to work on the cutting edge of science to inform decision makers. We live in an extraordinary time, with a lot of interesting science questions such as the global impact of geoengineering. My objective is to lend my expertise to advance the current understanding in ocean model development.

Why did you choose a career in science?

Most times I wonder how the choices we make every day could influence our environment. Science has always helped me to answer intriguing questions on climate feedback.