Delivering secure, trustworthy and energy efficient AI solutions

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is leading research to ensure secure, trustworthy, and energy efficient AI in the service of scientific research and national security. Researchers across the laboratory are using AI to advance scientific discovery—recent examples include developing explainable AI methods to enable near-real-time reporting of cancer treatments, advancing understanding of materials needed for the energy transition and quantum technologies, and predicting climate impacts on US hydropower generation. 

Expanding use of AI will require creative ways to address the energy demands and power requirements of training and running large language models. ORNL researchers are already developing energy-efficient solutions to train AI algorithms on the Frontier supercomputer. 

Secure approaches are critical for mitigating threats to AI systems and threats that emanate from them, including misinformation. To enhance the trustworthiness of AI systems, ORNL is researching how to create AI models with embedded guardrails to prevent malicious actions. 

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ORNL's AI Leaders

Prasanna Balaprakash
Director of AI Programs
Edmon Begoli
Director, Center for AI Security Research
Gina Tourassi
Associate Lab Director for Computing and Computational Sciences
Shaun Gleason
Director, Science-Security Initiative Integration

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory has unique expertise and facilities to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence and apply it to the Department of Energy’s most pressing scientific and national security challenges."
Prasanna Balaprakash, AI Program Director

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has a rich tradition of artificial intelligence, or AI, research dating back more than four decades and garnering more than ten patents. The laboratory’s AI Initiative is dedicated to ensuring safe, trustworthy, and energy efficient AI in the service of scientific research and national security.

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