WFGodoy 2020

William F Godoy

Senior Computer Scientist

Dr. William F Godoy joined ORNL in 2016, currently a Senior Computer Scientist in the Computational Science and Mathematics Division, CSMD.  A native of Peru, his background is in Mechanical Engineering with a strong research and development (R&D) focus on the computational aspects of large-scale scientific modeling and simulation workflows, parallel programming models and data I/O. 

Dr. Godoy obtained his PhD (2009) and MS (2006) degrees from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, working under the supervision of Dr. Paul E. DesJardin on 3D radiative transfer parallel computational models for fire suppression systems. Upon graduation, he joined NASA Langley Research Center for a postdoctoral appointment (2009-2012) to study radiative transfer models using NASA's Pleiades supercomputer and GPU computing. Priori to ORNL, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation (2012-2016) on the R&D of thermo-mechanical reliability workflows to support semiconductor design and fabrication of Intel's 22 nm, 14 nm (Haswell, Skylake, Knights Landing) technologies, and their 10 nm and 7 nm successors.

At ORNL, Dr. Godoy worked as the architect and core developer of ADIOS 2, the Adaptable Input Output System version 2, part of the U.S. Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project (ECP) software stack for data management at scale on the Department of Energy's High Performance Computing (HPC) systems (Summit, Cori, Theta). He also worked on improving the file loading times and performance of the neutron scattering data reduction workflows and delivered to users at ORNL neutron science facilities: SNS and HFIR. He continues to contribute to the ORNL-led ECP projects PROTEAS-TUNE researching the value proposition of the Julia language for HPC and as a contributor to QMCPACK, and serves on technical committees as an IEEE senior member, and ACM member.