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Wes C Forman

Algorithm Software Engineer

Wes Forman is an Algorithm Software Engineer in the Digital Manufacturing and Analyses Frameworks group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Wes has 13 years of experience in the field of software and systems engineering. During his tenure at ORNL, his focus has been developing applications for research and energy analysis of various building and product simulations.


Some important software applications


Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Web Screening Tool is for quick techno-economic analysis of GSHP applications in nearly any building in the United States. The tool uses the latest developments in borehole heat exchanger modeling and allows for rapid auto-sizing of borehole heat exchangers to meet thermal demands.


Ecotope Ecosizer is a free tool for sizing central water heating systems based on commercial heat pump water heaters in multifamily and commercial buildings. My role with Oak Ridge National Laboratory was to support development of Ecosizer version 2.0, which includes ASHRAE load profiles for commercial building types and an updated load shift sizing calculation. The load shift sizing calculation is integrated into Ecosizer’s SGIP calculator to more accurately allocate incentives for load shift capable central hot water plants in California.