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Wei Guo

R&D Associate Staff

Dr. Wei Guo, PE, CEM works in the Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). His research area is mainly focused on improving energy and material efficiency for general and special manufacturing equipment and processes. He has been working on smart manufacturing and data analytics, combined heat and power, industrial water management, and recycling and waste management projects for the recent years.

Dr. Guo is also a Technical Account Manager for the US DOE Better Plants program. Dr. Guo works with 22 Better Plants partners to  help them accurately tracking their facilities’ energy performance, identify energy conservation opportunities and explore the implementation of very advanced energy efficiency technologies.

Dr. Wei Guo serves on the editorial board of the Internal Journal of Energy Management. He is a Senior Member of Association of Energy Engineers. He is an AEE Certified Energy Manager and registered Professional Engineer. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.