Vincent Paquit

Vincent C Paquit

Section Head, Secure & Digital Manufacturing

Dr. Vincent C. Paquit serves as the section head for Secure and Digital Manufacturing in the Manufacturing Science Division (MSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Over the past two decades, he has dedicated his efforts to various projects and programs at ORNL, all in support of the Department of Energy's two primary missions: ensuring energy sustainability and enhancing national security.

Since 2015, Dr. Paquit has been serving as the Data Analytics Lead for the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF). His team is dedicated to developing a Digital Platform for Advanced Manufacturing, with the aim of enhancing our understanding of manufacturing processes for part qualification, certification, and process control and correction. To achieve this goal, he manages a team of scientists and engineers  working on developing and integrating hardware and software solutions to capture and analyze the digital threads associated with each manufacturing technology present in the facility. Currently, he is at the forefront of the digital transformation of the MDF, with a focus on standardizing manufacturing data collection for scientific purposes. This process involves creating digital twins of components produced at the MDF or collaborating institutions. Data is collected at every step of the manufacturing process, spanning from design, modeling, and simulation to material feedstock, component fabrication, and component evaluation. While this work progresses one component at a time across hundreds of machines, it is poised to ultimately generate the world's largest database and digital platform for advanced manufacturing science discoveries.

His vision, currently supported by the DOE Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO), is attracting interest from national laboratories, U.S. government agencies, industry, academia, and international institutions. This vision is paving the way toward a disruptive solution for the adoption and deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies in critical applications.

  •  PhD - Computer Science and Image Processing - 2008
  •  M.S. - Computer Science and Image Processing - 2003
  •  Ph.D. - Electronics and Image Processing - 2002
  •  B.S. - Electronics, Computer Science and Image Processing - 2001