Sudip K Seal

Senior R&D Staff

Sudip Seal is a Senior Scientist in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is also a Joint ORNL-UT Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxvile. He holds a PhD in computer engineering and a PhD in theoretical high energy physics. He specializes in the design and development of HPC solutions for large-scale science-based computational problems and, in that capacity, is actively involved in the fusion, neutron and materials sciences at present.


Significant Event Award (2017, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Citation: Groundbreaking Plasma Equilibrium Computations for Next-Generation Fusion Studies, shared with Dr. Steven P. Hirshman (FMNSD).
Runner-up Best Paper Award (2016, 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing) PARVMEC: An Efficient, Scalable Implementation of the Variational Moments Equilibrium Code, Sudip K. Seal, Steven P. Hirshman, Andreas Wingen, Robert S. Wilcox, Mark R. Cianciosa and Ezekial A. Unterberg.
Significant Event Award (2014, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Citation: HPC Advancements in MHD Equilibrium Analysis Capability for Future Tokamak and Stellarator Designs, shared with Dr. Steven P. Hirshman (FMNSD).