Steven M. Hartman

Steven M Hartman

Head of Integrated Control Systems, Second Target Station Project

Steven Hartman is the manager of Integrated Control Systems (ICS) for the Second Target Station (STS) Project. ICS scope includes data acquisition and controls for the STS neutron scattering instruments; control systems for STS accelerator, target, and conventional facilities; safety systems; and the computing infrastructure for the project.

He brings more than 25 years of experience with expertise in scientific data acquisition, distributed control systems, and computing for experimental physics research projects including particle accelerators, accelerator-based light sources, and neutron scattering beam lines. This experience includes 15 years of managing technical staff and projects.

Steven joined ORNL in 2008. Prior to STS, Steven was head of Instrument Data Acquisition and Controls for the neutron scattering and imaging instruments at SNS and HFIR. In this role, he led an organization of more than 20 technical staff responsible for data acquisition hardware and software, control systems software and user interfaces, and the computing infrastructure. He successfully developed and led a major, multi-year upgrade project to replace the data acquisition and control systems for all SNS instruments.

Steven also has extensive experience with accelerator control systems. He was lead for software and computing for accelerator controls at SNS. Prior to ORNL, Steven led the control system and computing effort for the Free Electron Laser Laboratory at Duke University for more than 10 years. This included an electron linac, a booster synchrotron, an electron storage ring and storage ring based free-electron laser (FEL), and the FEL-based High Intensity Gamma Source (HIGS). 

Steven has served on numerous review and advisory committees nationally and internationally in the areas of control systems, accelerator technology, data acquisition, instrumentation, and computing. He is an active leader in the international EPICS Collaboration. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a Senior Member of IEEE. Steven completed his degree at Duke University.