Stacy L Queern

R& D Staff Radiochemist

Stacy has B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics with a minor in Physics from Southern Illinois University and a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry with a focus on nuclear/radiochemistry from Washington University St. Louis. Stacy is currently a Radiochemist in the Radiochemical Process Development Group where she is project manager for Ni-63, C-14, Ho-166m and Pm-147 and the backup project manager for Ac-225 from Th-229 generators. As a project manager, she leads the project development team, provides cost estimates, project update, coordinates work across several different groups, and does hands on work including making targets, performing chemical separation, and dispensing of the final product. She supported the efforts of Ac-225 (Th-229 produced) shift to cGMP and continues to help support the lead Ac-225 project manager as needed. Stacy's addition roles include being a lab space manager in a category 2 facility, instrumentation manager for the ICP-OES, participating in the local emergency squad, and volunteering in community outreach. Prior to arriving at ORNL, Stacy completed her thesis on Radiolabeled nanohydroxyapatite as a platform for the development of new PET imaging agents under the leadership of Dr. Suzanne E. Lapi at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Stacy’s projects included the production and separation of 89Zr and photonuclear reactions for the production of 15O in collaboration with ACSI, BNL, and IU.