Photograph of Dr. Scott L. Stewart

Scott L Stewart

Group Leader

Dr. Scott L. Stewart is the Group Leader for the Data Science and Engineering Group in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division at the laboratory. Scott joined ORNL in June 2014, and received his PhD in energy science and engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Scott has led a number of nonproliferation research efforts for the National Nuclear Security Administration ((NNSA) Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development Data Science Portfolio. He also has developed remote and unattended systems software for domestic safeguards, international safeguards, and material minimization missions and has experience in measurements and measurement control for nuclear material control and accountability.  Scott won the 2022 Early Career Award from the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management and has won several other US Department of Energy (DOE) awards for his work in the nonproliferation. Prior to joining ORNL, Scott was a US DOE NNSA Graduate Program Fellow supporting the DOE NNSA Office of Defense Nuclear Security.