Dr. Pum Kim

Pum Kim

Dr. Seokpum Kim, R&D Scientist

Dr. Seokpum (Pum) Kim is leading digital manufacturing for polymer composites. Since 2016, Dr. Kim has focused on manufacturing process and design (structure) optimization for polymer composite manufacturing. His team is dedicated to developing a manufacturing optimization framework for composites using physics-based computational simulations and artificial intelligence.

  • 2016 - Present: Researcher at ORNL 
  • Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - 2016
  • M.S. - Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University, Korea - 2011
  • B.S. - Mechanical Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea - 2009
  • Student Exchange (Erasmus) - University of Birmingham, UK - 2007-2008