Michelle Kidder

Michelle K Kidder

Distinguished R&D Scientist | ORNL Program Manager for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management

Dr. Michelle K. Kidder’s research focuses to advance clean energy technologies while bridging the gap between fundamental and applied science through novel material development and processes for alternative energy production from renewable energy resources. Here, she works to establish new approaches that elucidate underlying reaction mechanisms to further design and control material properties for optimal performance. Her leading efforts have helped to describe the impacts of complex interfacial chemistries in carbon capture, and thermal and catalytic conversions of small molecules such as carbon dioxide, up to large molecules found in biomass and lignin, for improving technologies and accelerating the deployment of sustainable chemicals and fuels. As Scientific Lead in Net-Zero Carbon fuels, Kidder conducts research aimed at developing synthetic liquid fuels from renewable electricity, CO2, and bio-feedstocks to decarbonize the transportation sector and advance mobility for clean energy, sustainability, and national security as well as to create affordable transportation while addressing the challenge of reducing carbon emissions. Kidder holds several publications and patents. She served as Chair of the National American Chemical Society Energy and Fuels Division (2016), and Chair of the East TN American Chemical Society (2019).  In 2018 she was named an American Chemical Society Fellow, and in 2019 awarded the U.S. Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) for research. 

2023 - American Chemical Society, Energy and Fuels Mid Career Research Award

2022 - UT-Battelle Directors Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology

2022 - UT-Battelle Award for Excellence in Science and Technology for Research Mentorship

2021 - CCSI: ORNL award for ideas on Climate Change Science Institute

2019 - US DOE C3E; Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment Award; Awarded for Research

2018 - ACS Fellow-recognized for efforts in renewable energy resources

2018 - Distinguished Service Award for ACS division of ENFL

2016 - ACS Salutes to Excellence Award, for ACS Presidential, Diane Grob Schmidt symposia

2011 - American Chemical Society, Division of Fuel Chemistry, R. A. Glenn Award

2007 - Gordon Research Conference in Hydrocarbon Resources Poster and Presentation Award 

2005 - UT-Battelle Team Research