Michael Z. Hu

Michael Z. Hu

Sr. Research Staff Member


Dr. Michael Hu is a chemical engineer and biochemical engineer by education, serving as a Senior Research Staff Member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Meanwhile, he is appointed by the University of Tennessee (UT) as a Joint Faculty Professor at the UT Bredesen Center and an Adjunct Professor at the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department. He is the Founder Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Nanomaterials. Dr. Hu’s research interest is in advanced materials and chemical processing technologies such as for separations and catalysis. He is a team leader for a Department of Energy (DOE) program that has won a 2014 R&D100 Award based on advanced nano-membranes work. His membrane technology development work became an DOE success story in July 2017 (https://energy.gov/eere/success-stories/articles/eere-success-story-new-...). Dr. Hu has also served as the thermochemical pathway team lead for a DOE-sponsored multi-lab Separations Consortium program funded since FY2017.

Over the past 22 years or so, Dr. Hu has served roles as Principal Investigator and Project Team Leader for a variety of fundamental and applied nanomaterials and nanotechnology research programs and projects that develop materials chemistry, surface/interface sciences, and chemical process engineering for applications in clean renewable efficient energy and functional nanomaterials/devices. He has been leading or supporting multiple programs in nanoscience, engineering, and materials research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies. Industry sponsored projects are also an important part of his research and development portfolio, with the goal to provide nano-engineered materials and processes solutions to problems facing to private industries today. Since 1995, Dr. Hu has successfully developed, managed, and conducted multidisciplinary R&D projects that require integration of nanomaterials chemistry, (bio)molecular sciences, colloid & interface sciences, and chemical nano-manufacturing engineering relevant to the chemical synthesis of nanoparticles, nanocrystals, membranes, nanostructured graphene materials, advanced ceramics, films/coatings, self-assembled nanostructures, nanocomposites or hybrid materials, and other nanomaterials for energy (e.g., solid-state lighting, solar cells, supercapacitors, biofuel processing), medical, detectors or sensors, national/homeland security, and other nanotechnology applications.

Hu enjoys playing guitar-singing, violin, and tennis at his leisure time.


(Selective list)

  • ​2016 (December 7) Inventor Awards: For two issued US patents (1) Super-surface selective nanomembranes providing simultaneous high permeation flux and high selectivity, (2) Methods for producing complex films, and films produced thereby
  • 2014 (December) Technology Commercialization Award: in recognition of a successful commercial license (to Dry Surface Coatings LLC) of an invention, related to the superhydrophobic coatings and membranes.
  • 2014 (September) Technology Licensing Recognition: Michael Hu is a co-inventor of ORNL’s patented NanoFermentation technology. 
  • 2014 R&D100 Award for Dr. Michael Hu and his team on the cutting-edge development of super-hydro-tunable functional nanomembranes with high impact on applications in biofuel processing (bioethanol and drop-in-fuels) and many other molecular separations in liquid-phase and vapor-phase processing.


Actively working on multiple on-going projects in the area of advanced nanomaterials for separations and catalysis applications. 

Materials chemical synthesis efforts include nanoparticles, surface/interface functionalized materials, graphene-based nanostructures, oxide based nano/mesoporous membranes and nano-catalysts, etc. 


(Selective list from over 120 publications)

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