Michael Allitt

Michael L Allitt

STS Accelerator Systems L2 Manager

Dr. Michael Allitt heads the Second Target Station (STS) Accelerator Systems Group, responsible for the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of all hardware necessary to transport a 700 kW, 15 Hz proton beam to the STS spallation target.  He joined the STS project in February 2020.

With a professional career spanning more than 25 years, Michael has extensive experience in cryogenics, vacuum systems, magnets, project management and product development for the medical device industry.  He has worked largely in the private sector, leading design and development projects for products ranging from one-off, laboratory-scale systems for research at cryogenic temperatures, to superconducting magnets for production in volume for Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems, and most recently was Program Director for a project to develop a new proton therapy device for cancer treatment.  In addition to this private sector experience, Michael also spent 5 years at CERN managing the design and procurement of superconducting corrector magnets for the Large Hadron Collider.

Michael received his BSc in physics from The University of Sheffield in the UK, and his MS and PhD degrees in experimental condensed matter physics from the University of Delaware.