Melissa Voss Lapsa

Melissa Voss Lapsa

Group Leader, Building Envelope and Urban Systems Research


Melissa Voss Lapsa currently serves as Group Leader for the Building Envelope & Urban Systems Research group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ms. Lapsa has over 20 years experience conducting market research, policy analysis, and institutional and consumer behavior research aimed at deploying cost-effective energy efficient technologies. In addition, Ms. Lapsa co-leads Sustainable ORNL. From 1996-1998, Ms. Lapsa was on assignment from ORNL to the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (SenterNOVEM).


  1. ORNL Significant Event Award for contributions to Additively Manufactured Integrated Energy (AMIE) 2016
  2. Selected for DOE's online Women @ Energy Series, October 2015.
  3. DOE's Sustainability Performance Office - 2014 Exceptional Service and Sustainability Champion Award
  4. Department of Energy "Outstanding Mentor Award" 2005


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